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Lauren Petit

Lauren Petit

Cornelius, OR.


I started taking art classes when my dance career ended and I still ached to be creative. I walked into a watercolor class at a community college and thought “I could do this.” One afternoon I watched students tumble out of the mixed media class very excited so I decided to take “that” class and “that” class changed me forever. It was all about having fun, experimenting, and thinking outside the box. That concept was a bit foreign but fascinating to me after so many disciplined years of classical ballet classes. The idea of just being open and free to express myself was very new. I started entering my work into contests and shows and started to win awards. I opened a frame shop and gallery, started showing local art in the gallery and started First Thursday Art Night in Grants Pass, Oregon. It was after a few years that I decided I wanted to take my training to the next level so I moved to Portland Oregon and enrolled at PNCA. I have a BFA with a major in painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art, graduating in 2001. I have paintings hanging in the lobby of the historical Henry Weinhard Building in downtown Portland Oregon. I am in over 50 private collections which includes the most recent commission of four paintings for the home of the CEO of Epicenter in Seattle Washington. I have had shows in the A-forest Gallery in New York City, The Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, The Gallery Tsubaki in Tokyo Japan, The Oasis Gallery in Seattle, The Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene Oregon, Gresham City Hall Art Gallery in Gresham Oregon and The Brian Marki Gallery in Portland Oregon. I have had a sold out show for the Interior Design company Maison and have also done work for the design group Imagery Partners in Portland Oregon. I have recently started to work with a design group in San Diego. I have been in the Beaverton Visual Arts Showcase three times and recently three out of four paintings submitted were juried into this years show. I was also part of the Human Pixel Project in MA. My work hangs in a dentist office and a law firm here in Portland. I was involved in the Sequoia Gallery and Studios in Hillsboro Oregon having been juried into one of the studios. The past few years I have been more focused on private commissions throughout the Northwest. I most recently moved into a large studio and have feverishly started painting again.

Artist Statement:
Art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It helps us see the beauty in things that some may overlook, or take for granted. As an artist, inspiration comes to me in many forms. I see so much beauty in old weathered things. A new life that hides behind an old, waiting to be discovered. Layers of chipped paint, rusted metals and old buildings and signs- they excite me and spark new ideas within me. I am also inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, the fields that surround my home, the night sky which is abundant with millions of stars, the stillness of the summer days and the winds of the winter nights. Everything around me inspires my work and moves me to paint.
I begin my work without any preconceived ideas at all what the finished work is going to look like. I like the idea of each painting being a journey, ending at a beautiful destination. My paintings are made with lots of color, textures, layers, and movement which gives them depth, excitement and interest.
I am a full-time artist with a desire to create, capture and preserve a true beauty of art in each painting - in hopes to create a happy escape for the viewer.


The Lost Panel #4 by Lauren Petit


Mist #1 by Lauren Petit


Mist #2 by Lauren Petit


Summer Nights by Lauren Petit


The Wall #3 by Lauren Petit


The Wall #2 by Lauren Petit


The Wall by Lauren Petit


Falling Stars by Lauren Petit


Winter Winds by Lauren Petit


Violet Fields by Lauren Petit


Field of Dreams I by Lauren Petit


Field of Dreams II by Lauren Petit


Frozen by Lauren Petit


Tangled by Lauren Petit


Twilight by Lauren Petit


Evening Silhouette by Lauren Petit


Starry Nights by Lauren Petit


Rusted by Lauren Petit


Rusted by Lauren Petit


Exhibit B by Lauren Petit


Exhibit A by Lauren Petit


Exhibit C by Lauren Petit


Artifacts phase 2 by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 130b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 125b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 124b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 122b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 120a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 112a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 111b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 111b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 110b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 110b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 108a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 106a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 102b by Lauren Petit


Artifacts Phase 1 by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 103b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 112b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 130a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 124a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 108b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 106b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 111a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 125b by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 132a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 122a by Lauren Petit


Exhibit 120 by Lauren Petit